The True North Collective Podcast


December 14, 2018


We are Rachel Bellotti and Jenell Riesner, co-hosts of the TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE PODCAST, exploring everyday people fearlessly finding and living their true north.

We have met so many interesting people from all walks of life living fascinating and inspiring lives whose stories aren’t being told. This season we are excited to connect with and celebrate the untold stories of everyday people from Sheboygan, WI, to Santa Monica, CA, who are living their true north and inspiring each of us to do the same.

Today we’re welcoming Jesse Gitter, a co-Ragnarian, friend, fitness instructor, traveling Wisconsinite, recent vegan, and passionate minimalist. We learn how being an introvert has become her source of power in her life and how minimalist gave her the space to practice slowing down and getting intentional with things, with relationships, with time, with her life. This calming episode ignites a quiet courage that is within each of us.

*note: this episode includes explicit language appropriate for those ages 16+





  1. Letting go is a process. It’s not about getting rid of things being you are “supposed to”, but allowing yourself to look at things and ask if they still add value and are important and then listening to yourself and if you are ready or not. If not, keep it and check back in a few months/weeks and see if anything has changed.
  2. What is your relationship with time? Paying attention to what makes you happy and where you feel you are wasting time or focusing on things that don’t actually matter to you anymore allows you to start gaining awareness of how you are spending time and how it feels doing what you are doing. From awareness comes the ability to then truly choose how you want to spend your time and why.
  3. Figuring out how to fit into society can be a heavy burden to carry. When we can start to see ourselves for who we are and practice/learn to be ok with whatever that is, then we see it’s not really about fitting into a box because the box is just a perceived box. It’s actually about learning to fit into our own unique skin, whatever that is, and allowing YOU to shine in whatever way feels good to you.



  • [3:30] The realities of crotch sweat
  • [5:30] Using running to pay attention to what hurts in my body so I know what strength training is needed
  • [10:25] Introducing Jesse Gitter
  • [12:23] Becoming a fitness instructor as an introvert
  • [17:10] A minimalist lifestyle
  • [20:01] Process of letting go
  • [25:25] Minimalism to practice staying in the present
  • [26:20] Disconnecting from social media
  • [30:15] My relationship with time
  • [33:00] Permission to go through YOUR process
  • [35:00] Gift giving for a minimalist and minimalist gift options
  • [46:00] Recycle vs Reuse vs Never even bring it in the house
  • [48:00] Staying connected to minimalist communities
  • [51:10] Accepting being quietly passionate as an introvert
  • [1:00:00] Growth comes from really being ready to do the work + sit with the discomfort of getting to know yourself
  • [1:05:35] Connect with Jesse Gitter via email:
  • [1:06:20] Thank you for listening + reach out on our website if inspired