The True North Collective Podcast


September 10, 2019



Welcome to the TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE PODCAST: SEASON 2! With co-hosts Rachel Bellotti and Jenell Riesner, this is a gathering of un-sugar-coated conversations celebrating the untold stories of everyday people fearlessly finding and living their true north. 

In our own search to discover and live from  our TRUE NORTH, we have met so many interesting, courageous people from all walks of life, doing all sorts of amazing things to live life in their own unique way. Stories from all over the world. Stories with heart. Stories with grit. Stories with plot twists. Stories going untold - until now. This season, we continue to connect with and celebrate these untold stories of everyday people who are fearlessly living their true north and inspiring each of us to do the same.

Today, we talk with Anastasia Munoz, Founder and Artistic + Executive Director of Arts Mission - an artist co-working and education center. We get into the necessity of art for the experience of it versus the end result, the reality of how resilient our bodies are even after we put them through hell to look certain ways, and what you do when you find yourself living your dream life and yet you still wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes! 

*note: this episode includes explicit language appropriate for those ages 16+





  1. Power of speaking what you want into existence. When you are clear and ready, it will happen and it will happen fast, so be ready for what you wish for! And once you allow this to happen, you will start to live your life BIGGER - thinking bigger, dreaming bigger, being bigger than you ever thought was imaginable.
  2. Being in process is actually where the magic is. Not when you get to the finish line because the finish line is always moving - as it should be. Being in process is allowing yourself to be connected to yourself, to breath, to inspiration, to your body, to something bigger than yourself. This is where the real stuff happens and unlocks bigger and bigger milestones along the unfolding of this process.
  3. Our bodies are amazing, truly. And they are super weird! They change based on what we do to them and what they are meant to do. They become so different over the course of a life - almost unrecognizable at times and yet necessary in response to what we expect them to do. It can be so easy to villainize our bodies even though they simply responding to the experiences we are choosing to engage with (food, people, jobs, etc). And it really is UNREAL what the body is capable of - even when we hate on our bodies and do things that could destroy it (for whatever our reasons), it can still bounce back and do things that will blow your mind. 


  • [4:00] Being closeted weirdos 
  • [8:00] Hiking the 7 or 9 sisters in San Luis Obispo 
  • [12:00] Loneliness, the silent killer!
  • [19:00] Introducing Tasia! 
  • [22:00] Being vulnerable requires you to really show up for yourself even if you fall on your face as you do your weirdo artistic stuff 
  • [30:00] I said I wanted it, I put it out there, and it came true! And that reality forced me to start living way BIGGER than I thought was possible
  • [34:00] Power of the process + starting retail as a 30-yr-old + leading a cleaner lifestyle
  • [36:00] Manifestation vs control 
  • [40:00] Making sure to pay attention to where you dream life is already actually showing up right in front of your eyes
  • [42:20] Warrior Training: the act of showing up + just doing it + not expecting to be good at it right away AND when you’re experienced
  • [47:00] Theater as a way to practice life 
  • [54:00] What to do when you are living your dream life…and being your own boss...and being my best self...and yet it’s still sometimes hard
  • [1:06:00] Watching your body morph to create life + recognizing your relationship to your body over time
  • [1:16:00] I’m pregnant, my abs have split, WTF am I doing?!...look, women have been doing this since the beginning of time, so TRUST!
  • [1:24:00] Do we really need to villainize the body when it is naturally responding to the external stimulus that we are interacting with every day? Let your body do what it does! And maybe don’t judge it…
  • [1:32:00] Would you say the things you say to yourself or feed the things you feed that are abusive to your little 3 year old self?
  • [1:34:45] How do you live your true north?
  • [1:35:20] Contact Tasia via + email through the site OR following on IG via @artsmission or @anastasiatheadventurer