The True North Collective Podcast

TALES FROM A ‘SHRINKING TOWN’: S1|E3 The True North Collective Podcast

December 12, 2018


We are Rachel Bellotti and Jenell Riesner, co-hosts of the TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE PODCAST, exploring everyday people fearlessly finding and living their true north.

We have met so many interesting people from all walks of life living fascinating and inspiring lives whose stories aren’t being told. This season we are excited to connect with and celebrate the untold stories of everyday people from Sheboygan, WI, to Santa Monica, CA, who are living their true north and inspiring each of us to do the same..

Today, we introduce Amy Weber and her story of self-acceptance to live a life she truly loves. Amy is one of Rachel’s best friend’s from college who took life by the horns as she shifted from successful corporate retail manager in Chicago, going through a divorce, to her dream life as a mom and so much more, in the small, shrinking town of Ogallala, Nebraska.

*note: this episode includes explicit language appropriate for those ages 16+.




  1. There is not one way to live a big, bold life - it can look a million different ways, from starting a business, to taking a year off to travel abroad, to choosing a simpler life where you settle down and start a family. They are all BIG LIVES if you choose to see it that way.
  2. There are so many levels to who we are and what our life is about. Find those moments where you can objectively ask yourself if your life is still what you want. If not, be willing to take steps to start to change it. One baby step at a time that can build your momentum to live a life you love.
  3. Doing things that you don’t want and living through the “crappy” times are not a waste of time. They are a chance to see what doesn’t work and what you don’t want so you can realize what you DO want.


  • [12:01] Getting divorced in your 20s + starting over
  • [13:40] What do you do for fun?
  • [14:20] Building confidence around your job or things outside of yourself
  • [15:15] A day in the life of a retail manager in Chicago
  • [19:18] What do you do when you realize you have lost yourself in your job + your relationship?
  • [23:10] Focusing inward to be ok with who you are
  • [30:55] Breaking out of external pressures + expectations
  • [33:14] Creating the vision of your life
  • [35:30] Dating multiple guys at the same time
  • [37:00] Being open with myself + what I want + owning who you are
  • [44:30] Slowing down + staying inspired
  • [55:50] Being open to friends of all ages - you jive with who you jive with - age is a perceived barrier to connection
  • [1:08:00] Connect with Amy Weber via email
  • [1:08:40] Thank you for listening + reach out on our website if inspired