The True North Collective Podcast


November 21, 2020

Welcome to THE TRUE NORTH COLLECTIVE PODCAST: SEASON 3! With co-hosts Rachel Bellotti (she/her) and Jenell Riesner (she/her), this is a gathering of un-sugar-coated conversations celebrating the untold stories of everyday people fearlessly finding and living their true north. 

In our own search to discover and live from our TRUE NORTH, we continue to meet many interesting, courageous people from all walks of life, doing all sorts of amazing things to live life in their own unique way. Stories from all over the world. Stories with heart. Stories with grit. Stories with plot twists. Stories going untold - until now. This season, we celebrate these untold stories of everyday people who are fearlessly living their true north and inspiring each of us to do the same.

Today, we talk to Leena Zafary (she/her), fellow Human Potential Institute Coach-in-Training, co-founder of Mind Body + Soul Alignment Center, a Certified Bio-Accoustic Vocal Profiling Practitioner, established the Unani Remedies - a line of healing oils, a happily divorce mother of 3 amazing kids, and a self-proclaimed true creator at heart with big visions and dreams, and some bad habits, too. We talk about following your innate curiosities just because they are interesting, moving around, redefining + embodying love, having a near death experience (NDE), bio-acoustic methodology, coherence + bringing the body back in balance through sound, how frequency affects relationships, and the importance of understanding your own unique spectrum of experiences. Leena is a wealth of knowledge and we are excited to bring her back for PART 2 of this conversation where we (Jenell + Rachel) get our vocals analyzed and learn what anomalies exist that are keeping us in a state of imbalance and disharmony, so we can ultimately get back to center. 


*note: this episode includes explicit language appropriate for those ages 16+

**note: we had some technical difficulties with the audio of this episode, so heads up that it is not you, it’s US!





  1. If you’re innately interested in something, then say yes and show up for it. It doesn’t matter if it goes anywhere or the why behind it. What matters is following the genuine curiosity for the thing. If it lights you up, then go for it and see what naturally unfolds. You may be surprised where it leads you.
  2. Love is a state of being that you cultivate within yourself. It’s a feeling that we each choose to experience and the experience is as unique as each of us. What does love feel like in your body? How do you perceive love within you? It’s not something that you experience from others, it’s something you tap into + create within yourself; it emanates from you. It’s a vibration that you connect with for yourself.
  3. Allow yourself the chance to experience all of life and understand your own spectrum of experiences so that you have a gauge for when you are in balance or out of balance. If you cannot tell where you stand or if you are centered or not, then you cannot accurately read situations or how to self-regulate or how to respond to others because everything is through a blurry lens that just feels confusing and uncertain. Start getting to know yourself simply by paying attention to what different states feel like in your body, for you, over time. 



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  • [2:20] Steam rooms + essential oil facials
  • [7:00] Normalize being naked
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  • [12:40] Welcome, Leena!
  • [15:50] Creating yourself
  • [18:00] Following genuine curiosity
  • [19:20] Moving to the States to escape a war at the age of 7
  • [21:40] A love for moving + bouncing around
  • [28:30] Savoring exactly where you’re at
  • [30:10] Raising kids that don’t fight
  • [32:10] Love as the secret sauce
  • [34:10] Making space + cherishing the people around you
  • [42:20] Experiencing love + trust within oneself
  • [44:00] Having a near death experience (NDE)
  • [50:50] AD: Jenell has launched a new youtube series called That Girl Got Ghosted - and episode 2 is now live! Think of it like the bachelorette meets ghost stories/haunted hotels.  If you wanna support her new venture, go check it out, like it, share it + show her some love. <3
  • [52:00] Bio-acoustic introduction 
  • [55:00] Vibrations made simple
  • [58:25] Ancient practices backed by science
  • [1:01:20] How frequency affects relationships
  • [1:06:00] Understanding your own states of balance + imbalance
  • [1:08:00] Viewing the world through an off-balance lens
  • [1:09:40] Bio-acoustic treatments
  • [1:14:00] Starting to gauge your own system + not denying the small cues that our body is giving to us before they snowball
  • [1:19:00] How frequency treatments work 
  • [1:22:30] How do you live your TRUE NORTH?
  • [1:22:37] Reach out to Leena via email (updated website + workshops coming soon!)

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